Monday, August 7, 2017

1st & 2nd Blocks:  Calculus

We looked more closely at limits graphically and numerically.

Assignment:  Section 2.2, pages 75-76

#’s 17-20 (you’ll need to use the table function on the graphing calculator during class to look at theses.)

#’s 38 & 53

2.2 Solutions

Calc Monday Notes


3rd Block:  Advanced Algebra Honors

We used a warm up to review concepts of adding, subtracting & multiplying polynomials.

We looked more closely at multiplying polynomials.

We worked a little more on the box construction activity.

Use the link below to work the problems that you need to work.  Scroll to the 2nd page to check your answers.

AA Monday Notes

AA Monday Assignment with Answers

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